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An American Business Delivering Premier Experiences

Hey everyone! Welcome to our new website and blog where I’ll be sharing information about our business, the industry and everything in between. Alright, let’s get to it.

I started our business in Brookings, South Dakota, in the heart of the United States. When searching for the best product we looked no further than Daktronics right down the road. When you work with us, you’re supporting TWO American companies and receiving the best products on the market.

When you head out to a live event, the experience is made by combining all elements – the main attraction, the crowd, the concessions and, of course, the LED screens. I often hear about the screen bringing that wow factor. That doesn’t happen without a great product. Here are a few features that really set our screens apart:

- Image quality – a crisp, clear image helps bring the wow factor and delivers accurate colors for the sponsor’s logos and brand.

- Refresh rate – in order for the image to appear clear, a solid refresh rate is needed. Otherwise, the image can appear choppy and not very smooth.

- Brightness – for outdoor events, you want a product that has the brightness to cut through direct sunlight and look consistently amazing at any time of the day.

Not all LED displays are created equally, and the LED displays we use deliver in all of these critical areas. Because of that, the audience experience is ultimately better than if we used another product.

Make no mistake about it, we run an LED business for live events. That’s our sole focus. Sideline Productions started with LED and has perfected the use of these products to elevate the experience at live events. This allows us to focus on one piece of the event, and allow the audio and lighting professionals to do their thing.

When looking at events in the Midwest, it’s also unique to be able to say we support events in the United States with products assembled in the United States – often all within the same state of South Dakota! We’ve had the fortune to work with multiple rodeos, fairs and concerts within the state, using products assembled in the same state.

We look forward to supporting your events and providing your audiences with premier experiences using LED screens.

-Nick, President of Sideline Productions

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