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New Look, Same Great Company

New Look, Same Great Company
Sideline Media

Today is officially our 5 year anniversary. It has been a wild ride of trailers packed, miles driven, and thousands of square meters of screens loaded in and struck. Millions of people have watched our work, most without knowing who we are. Through it all we have been dedicated to one thing, our clients and their customers.

We are very honored to work with the people that we do. Moving from a corporate event one day, to a NCAA game on an aircraft carrier, and then turning around to be front row for an area's largest festival, constantly keeps us on our toes and lookin

g to innovate. We have grown into a company that takes on different events and challenges daily. Dirt, snow, wind, ra

Saturday in the Park in Sioux City, IA back in 2012
Our Very First Event

in, freezing temps, scorching temps, and ice does not hold us back. Our team is ready for any challenge that is put in front of us, and we take it head on with a smile on our face. With that being said, it is time to reveal our new logo.

We would like to thank everyone we have worked with over the last 5 years and are looking forward to the many new faces and old friends we will be seeing in the next five.

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