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Bringing Your Game to a Whole Different Level

One of the things that has become a staple on the basketball court is the scores table. Something so simple can become such a powerful revenue generator for your game or tournament. We wanted to highlight a recent project to show what the

capabilities are. Below is a time-lapse of our scores tables in use at the Horizon League Men's Championship weekend. This is the second night of double headers and as you can see the court side displays did more than just inform the crowd, they had advertising dollars generated.

It's a simple yet effective way to drive sponsorship, which helps your event do more things for the spectators. Sponsors get a double hit. They get the spectators in the crowd, but obviously the crown of this is the TV time. It goes without saying that sponsors love the opportunity to get people at home as well as the game. Give your sponsors more, and in return they will help you expand your next event.

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